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STILL fake: The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg tries ONCE AGAIN to push debunked hit-piece about Trump calling vets losers and suckers and HOOBOY

If there’s something familiar about this tweet from Jeffrey Goldberg pushing his more-than-debunked hit piece from 2020 about Trump trashing dead vets it’s because not only did he do it this year, but LAST year as well. To mark Memorial Day.


Yeah, he’s special.

Heck, we wrote about him being a d-bag a year ago TO THE DAY.

Is Jeffrey an embarrassment to The Atlantic at this point? Asking for a friend.

Usually, when we feature a tweet with a story in it we will share part of the story with you but not this time.

Not only has his story (that he insists on sharing again on MEMORIAL DAY) been debunked, but it’s vile garbage.

Sorry, not even sorry.

Oh, and the ratio on his tweet? The dragging? WHOA MAMA:


Even anti-Trump people called ol’ Jeff out.


Jeffrey doesn’t care about informing or misinforming the public, he only cares about tarnishing the reputation of a man he hates. It’s bitter, sad, and says way more about him than Trump.


Double oof.

What’s softer than soft?

Over and over again.

Yeah, Jeff blocks pretty easy.


They really do.

And LOTS of it.


Is he really a reporter though?




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