Last year, The Atlantic published a story alleging that then President Trump referred to soldiers fallen in times of war “losers” and “suckers.” The Atlantic’s story also claimed that, while visiting John Kelly’s son’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery in 2017, Trump asked Kelly “what was in it for them?”

The story, which is based on the “anonymous sources” that were so prevalent during Trump’s tenure, immediately became riddled with holes. Jeffrey Goldberg, editor in chief of The Atlantic, then claimed the sources would remain anonymous, basically because he didn’t want to subject people to mean tweets from Trump.

Well, this Memorial Day, Goldberg is re-upping the uber-dubious story:

Considering how many of the media’s “sources” were discredited these past few years (along with the media debunking things Trump said that turned out to be factual or possibly true), the story remains to be taken with less than a grain of salt:

Well, they probably got a few more Resistance clicks, and it wouldn’t be surprising if CNN and/or MSNBC give the story fresh life today.

Sounds totally legit! *Eye roll*