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AYFKM?! What Sussmann juror said to 'some media' after verdict tells us this was kinda sorta totally NOT an unbiased jury

We all knew the Sussmann jury was pretty tarnished but holy crap. There were rumblings about various members of this jury who had blatant and obvious conflicts of interest but you’d think these jurors would at least want to try and give the impression they weren’t biased, right? Pretend a LITTLE?


Or maybe they just don’t care because they know they’re safe in the swamp.

Look at this:

It’s ok for Democrats to lie to the FBI apparently since there are more important things in the nation to worry about.





‘We broke it down and decided to let our biases bias us.’

Fixed it for her.

Notice she didn’t want to give her name or explain exactly how she thought the government had succeeded.


No, you know what? It’s all too real.

Who knew?




Teflon Hillary strikes again.



WH staff’s DESPERATE attempt at correcting NBC’s article claiming Biden hates it when WH staff correct him is *CHEF’S KISS*

‘They say it’s innocent. They LIE’: Libs of TikTok shares ‘MEGA DRAG THREAD’ dropping each and EVERY ‘groomer apologist’

Let the REEE’ing BEGIN! Elon Musk MOCKS corporations’ fake virtue-signaling with rainbow logos we’ll see in June and Lefties LOSE IT

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