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BRO, just take the L! Eric Swalwell's attempt to prove his 4-year-old REALLY DID watch horrific and violent news on TV BACKFIRES spectacularly

As Twitchy readers know, Eric Swalwell continues to be a boil on the butt of humanity. First he ‘apologized’ to the House GOP for ‘hogtying their boy’ implying the Laguna Woods gunman was on the Right. Then he popped up later talking about his four-year-old asking him to help the people in Buffalo.


Nobody believed him, so he thought posting proof would somehow make things better.

There is so much wrong with this picture we’re not entirely sure where to start. First, didn’t he say his son face-timed with him? Second, if that is his son is he wearing a Disney dress (not judging but, what)? Third, does he really think it’s smart to let a four-year-old watch such horrific and terrifying news?

All of it makes him look worse.

Seth Weathers called him out …

And then Eric tweeted this.


So, the kiddo just walked into the room and it was on? Or did he face-time with Eric?

Either none of this lines up with his original tweet or his parenting skills are seriously questionable.

Maybe both.

Oh, there’s that too.




Eric, dude, you’re just making things worse.

Note: Just have to share a funny. In almost every image we looked at of Eric for this article, his mouth was hanging open sort of like he was saying, ‘Duuuuuh’. 



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