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Oh, HONEY, no: Bette Midler mocked then mocked a WHOLE lot more for accusing SCOTUS of 'striking down the 14th Amendment' and ROFL

Bette Midler seems to think SCOTUS is striking down the 14th Amendment.

No, seriously.

She’s so inundated with propaganda that she literally thinks abortion is the 14th Amendment. Yeah …


We got nothin’.

Bette. That’s not how any of this works.

The word ‘abortion’ is not found in the 14th Amendment.



Holy Hell.

We see a lot of dumb tweets, and with the news that broke last night we are seeing an abundance of stupid today, but seriously.


And they’re not trying to repeal an amendment.

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.

Speaking out her a*s.


That suits her very well.

Not just bad, but AMAZINGLY bad.

And we concur.

What they said.




Megyn Kelly goes OFF on ‘pathetic, spineless’ leaker then takes on whiny little activists praising the leak and seriously, SLAAAY QUEEN

Nope, it’s TRAITOROUS: Brian Fallon DRAGGED (then dropped AND owned) for PRAISING SCOTUS leaker as some ‘brave clerk’

‘Jan 6 was a STROLL in the park compared to this’: Conservatives MERCILESS in calling out SCOTUS leak as the actual insurrection it is

BIG if true –> People are pointing fingers at a certain clerk for a certain SCOTUS Justice in relation to SCOTUS leak


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