HOO BOY. Twitter is a mess of crazy, unhinged, brutal, and hilarious this morning after news broke last night about the Alito draft on Roe being leaked. While most of our pals on the Left are melting down over the idea that OMG STATES WILL CONTROL ABORTION LAWS, as we’ve pointed out time and time again, they’re missing the bigger issue.

And that’s the leak.

Or, what many are calling an actual insurrection.

So this tweet from Brian Fallon, the Executive Director of Demand Justice, praising the leaker as a ‘brave clerk’ is very problematic, even though we’re pretty sure he’s not bright enough to see it.

So is Brian verifying the leaker is a clerk for Sotomayor?

Because gosh, golly, and gee, it kinda sorta sounds like it.

And as you can imagine, this didn’t go over very well, like at all.




Accurate descriptors of this ‘brave’ law clerk.

Yup. Democrats are doomed otherwise. Honestly, we think even this will backfire on them come November – these actions are not being taken by someone or some group who feels confident about their chances during the midterms.

At the very least.

We’re going to guess Brian hasn’t used his brain in a long long long time.

Nobody ‘mobs’ better than Democrats.

You’d think.

Or you know, at its worst.

Both work.



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