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BEYOND parody --> Pam Keith's SUPER-GENIUS plan for how Dems can 'run the table in November' proves they really ARE doomed

Pam Keith, who couldn’t win her own election, has big ideas about what Joe Biden can do to help Democrats ‘run the table’ in November.

Yeah, we laughed too.


So if Joe gives young people pot and cancels their debt, they’ll vote for Democrats. Does she realize just how awful this looks? ‘Hey guys, we can’t win on our own ideas for the country and inflation is crazy because we’re incompetent when it comes to energy so LET’S make pot legal and cancel debt. YEAH, THAT’LL DO IT.’

Holy crap.


Now, this is something we’re seeing from both sides of the aisle. Instead of canceling the debt, set the loans to 0% so these people can actually start making a dent when paying down their debt. And he’s right, compromise would likely go a long way, especially with Moderates and Independents.

But Pam shot that down.


Attacking voting rights? Women’s rights? Trans rights? Banning books?


What is this woman smoking? From her suggestion above we have a couple of guesses …

As for her own party:

See? Even Democrats know it’s stupid to ask blue-collar workers (and people who have already paid off their loans) to pay for white-collar workers’ college debt.

Predatory lending.

Ding ding and ding.


We checked, and she has a blue check.

But fair question.


They can’t.

Because the GOP hasn’t banned any books.

C’mon people, Pam isn’t a BIOLOGIST, she doesn’t know that!



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