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Proved his POINT! Elon Musk's reaction to the Left's absolute and total FREAK-OUT over free speech on Twitter is PERFECTION

All day today, and most of yesterday, the Left has been losing its ever-loving mind FREAKING OUT about Elon Musk allowing free speech on Twitter. Apparently, if certain people are allowed to have a voice on the tech platform it will be the end of our democracy, people will start kicking puppies and starving orphans … dogs and cats, living together, MASS HYSTERIA.


It’s definitely been more than entertaining and given us PLENTY of Twitchy fodder.

Elon Musk himself responded to the ridiculous meltdowns:

Elon’s got their number … and they can’t stand it.

He continued:


We’re guessing he saw Shaun King melting down and screeching about how Elon will allow bad people to attack Jews or something on Twitter. This isn’t complicated or nefarious, it’s very simple.

And yes, it levels the playing field and really, that’s what they fear the most.


Twitter is already different. Granted, they still refuse to verify this editor (PROBLEMATIC) but we’re getting there. Sara Gonzales said a bunch of stuff that would have gotten her totally nuked not even a week ago, and she’s still standing.

It has been very telling.


They simply can’t deal with the idea that people may disagree with them.




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