Well, THAT was quick.

As Twitchy told you like maybe an hour ago, Shaun King deleted his Twitter account after accusing Elon Musk of buying the tech giant for white power. Welp, the little Talcum X Diva is back and insisting he did not deactivate his account … even though it was gone.

He is also very mad at Jack Posobiec and others for tweeting about his Twitter exit; he claimed he had to make his account more secure to protect himself since Jan 6 monsters are after him.

Or something.

Yeah, he’s full of crap but we all knew that.


This guy.

And now he’s freaking out …

People keep answering him and saying yes because they understand that just because it’s out there doesn’t mean they have to look at it. There is mute and block for a reason. People are far better at deciding what they will and won’t read, watch, and listen to than some faceless tech giant in San Francisco who hates them for their politics.

Shaun clearly doesn’t understand how free speech works. Plus the fact he’s using Jews in this way is sort of targeting them … right?

When people responded yes, Shaun answered with this:

And he just keeps tweeting this over and over and over and over again.

Clearly, Shaun is a student of Alinsky … and not a very good one at that.

And now he’s bugging Ben Shapiro.

Yeah, we made the same face:

There it is.



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