Now that Elon Musk owns Twitter, Conservatives are finally free to say the things they’ve been suspended over for the past decade. At first, conservatives were suspended via algorithm tricks and certain words but ultimately ended up being suspended over ‘wrong think’.

Or saying things that didn’t line up exactly with the Left’s narrative and agenda.

God forbid you said men don’t have periods or claim women are REAL WOMEN.

But now?

Sara Gonzales took it and RAN with it.


How could she?


So much honesty! Surely, Twitter will break and it will be the end of our Democracy!

*cough cough*


Preach some more.


And very fussy about Elon Musk and free speech today.

That becomes more and more evident every day.

It’s true.

And THERE it is.

Sara wins Twitter for the day. Hands down.



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