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THIS! EsotericCD takes Jonathan Chait APART for mocking concerns about Social-Emotional Learning fueling CRT in short but NOT sweet thread

Remember when Democrats, Leftists, and the media were mocking parents for being concerned about Critical Race Theory? They called it a racist dog whistle and insisted over and over and over again it was not being taught in schools. Oh sure, some teachers were being trained in it BUT there wasn’t a magical lesson plan called CRT and that was the only proof they needed to blast anyone voicing concerns about what they were seeing in public schools.


Once progressives figured out they couldn’t keep playing this dodge, they started promoting Social-Emotional Learning. Now, you think to yourself gosh, that makes sense, learning should be social and we want our kids to be emotionally healthy at school, but THEN you start reading what SEL actually represents, and gosh, golly, gee, there’s CRT again.

Christopher Rufo has pointed this reality out many times.

And that’s probably why Jonathan Chait wanted to mock him (and people who agree with him) for it:

Jonathan, dude, read the room.

Oh yeah, we left that part out. The Social-Emotional Learning thing comes from a company founded by Garland’s son-in-law.

Because there’s no conflict of interest in that.


Twitchy favorite @EsotericCD had a thing or two to drop on Chait’s head:

Don’t believe your lying eyes or something.

Forget that parents are literally saying this is LITERALLY what Social-Emotional Learning looks like …

Jeff continued:

‘… living in the true hothouse-flower world of elite white privilege that never touches a normal public school.’

Wow, that is so well-written.



They’re trying to do the same thing with SEL they did with CRT.

Imagine how much easier this would all be if they just focused on teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic.



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