Imagine being triggered by Elon Musk because he wants Twitter to be more open and successful. Weird, right? You’d think Elon was talking about unleashing the floodgates of the evilest, most horrible, hateful, racist people on the planet …

Well, considering most people on the Left think that way about people on the Right, we suppose the absolute hissyfit we’re seeing makes sense.


As if we needed another reminder that people on the Right think people on the Left just have bad ideas, while people on the Left think people on the Right are just bad people.

This thread nailed it … we don’t want the Left to leave Twitter. Whoever will we point and laugh at if they do?


They don’t want people they disagree with to have the same opportunity to share their ideas and narrative as they do.

We do too.

There is no better campaign for the Right than tweets from the crazy Left.



They’ve loved ‘canceling’ accounts, people, companies, and organizations they disagree with and they knew for a fact Twitter would agree with them. Hopefully, under a Musk ownership, that crap would stop.

She should have lost her account for targeting an innocent person for her own gain.

She should have lost her account for exposing LOTT’s family to possible violence.

Instead, they protected her.

THAT should change.

Yup, and it’s a lazy caricature Twitter was more than happy to feed.


Consistency would be nice.

Not being totally throttled would be nice.

Conservative media people with millions of readers getting VERIFIED would be nice.

There is such a clear and ugly bias on Twitter … and the Left wants to keep it that way.

Some will leave.

Only to come back and play the victim.

Others will stay and spend their days b*tching and moaning about how unfair it is that Twitter is now fair.

Hey, nobody every accused these folks of being the brightest crayons in the box.



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