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'I will unleash HELL on you': Randi Weingarten deliberately misquotes Christopher Rufo to push her FALSE narrative and HOOBOY what a mistake

In case you needed even more proof that teacher’s unions were garbage and the people who run them are even more garbage (garbagier?), what Randi Weingarten is trying to do to Christopher Rufo because he’s been effective and is changing minds about school choice (which would ultimately destroy the unions) is proof positive.


She’s deliberately misquoting him so she can argue something he’s never said.

Luckily, Rufo is not exactly taking this lying down.

In fact, he’s pissed.

What do you call it when someone is more than pissed? Super-pissed?


He continued.

Randi needs anyone and everyone pushing school choice to seem sinister. She knows she and her union let their masks slip during the government lockdowns and parents of all political persuasions all across the country are done with them.


Narrator: They haven’t deleted it yet.

Nope, she has not deleted anything.

And in fact, she doubled down and harpy-friendly MSNBC:


We still see her tweet but there are so many she should delete … who knows.



This is gonna be fun.



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