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'Catch the Joo': Seth Mandel and others point out Taylor Lorenz 'went to great lengths' to point out LibsOfTikTok is an Orthodox Jew

Now, why oh why would Taylor Lorenz go to such great lengths to make an issue of LibsOfTikTok’s faith? One has to wonder if she would have included this little nugget in her hit piece if LOTT had been a Muslim, or an atheist, or even a Catholic.

This seems … oddly hateful.

Seth Mandel said it far better than we can.

Fun times indeed.


Honestly, none of what Taylor has done here is playing out well, but when people start really keying in on the fact that she did indeed go to great lengths to make sure people knew this woman is an Orthodox Jew it will only get worse.

Yeah, the same people whose videos LOTT has been sharing are so angry at her for sharing them that they think she deserves all of this. Forget that they posted these videos in basically the public square, she’s the bad guy for amplifying their stupid.

We can’t make this up.

Honestly, we cover so much stuff that seems made up but isn’t we have to pinch ourselves at least once a day.

Case in point:



Gosh, we’re seeing a lot of tweets that are saying just that.

Weird how the supposed ‘good guys’ like Taylor Lorenz look more and more like anti-Semitic a-holes.

Just sayin’.



Let the WHINING begin! Taylor Lorenz already trying to defend her garbage-attack on LibsOfTikTok but ain’t NOBODY got time for that

‘Pure LORENZ’: Ben Shapiro has just 3 little words for super-shrew Taylor Lorenz after she targets LibsOfTikTok and BOOM

Just DAMN: Glenn Greenwald absolutely obliterates corporate media by DRAGGING serial troll Taylor Lorenz in beautifully SAVAGE thread

Serial troll and all-around harpy from Hell Taylor Lorenz doxxes @LibsOfTikTok not even a MONTH after weepy appearance on MSNBC playing the victim


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