As Twitchy readers know, serial troll and ginormous hypocrite Taylor Lorenz has doxxed the woman behind LibsOfTikTok. WaPo even put the hit-piece behind a paywall so they could REALLY profit on the targeting of this Twitter user.

Corporate media has become lower than low.

We always knew they were getting there (the four years of Trump were a disaster for them professionally), but seeing them pretend they’re reporting on someone when in reality they’re doxxing them? Awful.

Nobody called Taylor and the media out more adequately and brutally than Glenn Greenwald:

Yup. Taylor has pissed off SO many people after playing the ‘oh woe is me’ bit on MSNBC not even a month ago. You can bet by this evening she will be pretending she’s the victim here and the big mean bad Right is the bully.

Bullies usually end up being the biggest cowards.

Taylor is what happens when corporate media turns into nothing more than propaganda for the Left.

Remember when she was complaining about people being intimidated by her because she’s so young and hot?


Ding ding ding.

We seem to recall Twitter suspending people for daring to tell journalists to ‘learn to code.’

See, that’s what we said!

It’s AOK to harass people on the right. Hell, CNN went after a grandma …


Just politics.




Serial troll and all-around harpy from Hell Taylor Lorenz doxxes @LibsOfTikTok not even a MONTH after weepy appearance on MSNBC playing the victim

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