Less than a month ago, a very weepy Taylor Lorenz was interviewed on MSNBC talking about how horrible her life is because people are mean to her on social media. She even claimed to have PTSD. You’ve gotta wonder if Taylor is bright enough to see the irony of this entire situation. We’re guessing no.

To remind you all of what she did and said, here’s the video (that she’s not a fan of because she knows it makes her look like a ridiculous hypocrite):

And now she’s harassing another woman on Twitter.

Because you know, it was so traumatic for her and stuff she thought she’d share it with someone else? Note, we saw tweets about her going to this woman’s relatives’ homes to harass them … she thinks this is reporting.

Yeah, awful stuff.

This article is behind a paywall.

WaPo is trying to capitalize on the doxxing of a private citizen.

Keepin’ it classy, as always.

Anything to control the narrative, and LibsOfTikTok was exposing too much of who the Left really is … by sharing their own videos they made very public.

Maybe if you don’t want your insane videos to be seen by people who disagree with you don’t post them? Just thinking out loud?

Sounds like Taylor was harassing Christina Pushaw as well.

Technology Reporter.


Since we cover tweets we suppose that makes us Technology Reporters as well.


In a way, LibsOfTikTok is just REPORTING.

But you know, we can’t have that.

Guess how Taylor’s little article is going over:


And not in a good way.

Since WaPo posted this article, Taylor has pinned it to her timeline because she’s just that awful.



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