Today is James Woods’ birthday, FYI, so after you get done reading this article you should hustle your little fannies over to Twitter and send the actor a couple of birthday wishes. He’s more than earned them after basically sacrificing his acting career, to be honest, open, and outspoken about the ridiculousness we’ve seen from our Democratic ‘friends’ in D.C., Hollywood, in the media, and on Big Tech.

It’s been a while since we had the opportunity to write about Mr. Woods, and it’s good to see him tweeting about the Elon Musk purchasing Twitter situation. He’s absolutely right, why are they so afraid of free speech on the platform?

James gets it. Too bad Twitter is too busy trying to destroy itself to pay attention.

What makes this even more hilarious (pathetic, lame, sad, obnoxious, weak, limp, etc) is not even two seconds later Twitter put a warning on his tweet. Gosh, thanks for proving his point, troglodytes.

Twitter is so damn predictable.


We’d only be shocked if they DIDN’T put a warning on James’ tweet about free speech.

This reads like a fortune cookie.

It’s still correct but yeah. Heh.

Authoritarians always do.

They want to control the narrative, and if an even-playing field was allowed on Twitter, Democrats would really be in trouble. So much of what we see conservatives doing is correcting people who are grossly misinformed by our mainstream media, big tech, and Hollywood.

And that’s the truth.



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