Happy Tax Day!

Don’t click off the story – we’re being facetious.

And there’s the thing, that Biden thought today of all days was a good idea to pretend his plan would keep people making less than $400k from paying more in income taxes to dunk on Republicans tells us he’s not all there. Ok, when he tried to shake hands with the ghost in North Carolina THAT proved he’s not all there.

This just proves whoever is tweeting for the guy thinks most Americans are morons.

The difference couldn’t be clearer.

Alrighty, Slow Joe.

Inflation is the ‘tax’ that’s hitting us all.

Yuuuup. Give us those mean Republicans with affordable gas and lower inflation every day of the week.

We don’t have a revenue issue, we have a spending issue.

And that’s the truth.

Oof, math for the win!

Or loss, in this case.

True story.

Ridiculous administration.

That works.


Kamala becomes president in that situation and yeah … no.

But Republicans.




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