Yup, Taylor Lorenz is a horrible person. Sorry, not sorry. During a time when inflation is burying Americans, Russia is invading Ukraine, and our country has never been more divided, Taylor thought it was newsworthy to doxx a private citizen because she posts videos THAT HAVE BEEN SHARED PUBLICLY by crazy liberals on TikTok.

That tells us so much about today’s corporate media and ain’t none of it any good.

As you can imagine, dear reader, there are many many MANY pissed-off people on Twitter right now, and honestly if we tried to cover all of them that is all we’d write about today BUT there are a few who deserve a good Twitchying.


Ben Shapiro for example:

Targeting a Twitter account that literally just posts Leftists owning themselves …

That is all LOTT does.

And Taylor wants to destroy her for it.

Maybe she should be more concerned about the crazy people posting their videos in the first place?

F*** off, lady.

This is almost perfect from Ben except Taylor is no lady.

Harassment is a tool to silence people.



The state of today’s corporate media.

Right there.



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