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Prog 'pastor' John Pavlovitz's attempt to continue lecturing and shaming Republican women for their beliefs goes REALLY wrong

As Twitchy readers know, John Pavlovitz (a pastor, right), thought it was smart for HIM (as in a man) to lecture Republican women on what they believe. Apparently, if women vote for Republicans they align themselves with misogynists …


Says the a-hole acting like a total misogynist to Republican women.

We suppose in his pointy little head we have it coming for not believing as we’re told.

This freakin’ guy.

Asking Ketanji Brown Jackson questions about her record is ‘berating’ her? They’re misogynists for interviewing her about her ideas and asking why she ruled the way she did? That’s just stupid.


Sounds like John doesn’t think Ketanji can take care of herself.

Just sayin’.


But Republican women stand by evil Republican dudes and stuff.


Gosh, thanks for telling us what to think, champ.

Broad in meaning.

Hey now, we see what they did there.


See, she was an evil Conservative and CATHOLIC so she deserved it or something … John probably.


How dare we indeed?!



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