The absolute IRONY of Jennifer Rubin calling anyone else mealy-mouthed is off the charts. Remember when she had us all fooled into thinking she was a conservative worth paying attention to? Yeah, it’s been a long time ago …

Ted Cruz wouldn’t let KBJ put off answering his questions by using non-responsive answers and that seems to have triggered poor Jenn.

Guess Jenn doesn’t like it when Republicans question Marxist, sorry, Democratic nominees for SCOTUS.

This freakin’ broad.

Whining because Cruz pushed KBJ to answer.

But you know, Senate Democrats making up lies about a gang rape to try and destroy Brett Kavanaugh’s life were AOK in Jenn’s book.

Especially when she’s trying to run out the clock.

Although, since we’re pretty sure The Gormogons aren’t biologists, they probably shouldn’t call KBJ ‘she’.



If anything, Durbin was going to run interference FOR KBJ.

And if anyone knows about hackery, it’s Jenn.

What can we say? Jennifer Rubin is gonna Jennifer Rubin.



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