Like Ron Coleman, this editor has been fairly resigned to the fact that with the Democratic majority Biden has right now, his pick for SCOTUS, Ketanji Brown Jackson will llikely be approved. Unless Manchin or Sinema suddenly figure out how batsh*t it is for a grown woman who wants to sit on the highest court in the land to dodge defining a woman but we’re not holding our breath.

That being said, we should continue to speak out against this nominee … even when they call us racists.

Just read Ron’s thread, it’s much smarter than our rambling:


That’s a great word for it.

This ^

And THIS. ^

Manifests a serious deficiency of character.

Damn, that’s a good line.

Attorneys, right?

If as a conservative, libertarian, or even an independent you haven’t been called a racist over and over again you’re not really doing your ‘job’.


In other words, nut-up.

And finally, THIS. ^

What Ron said. All of it.

Even about making donuts.

Hey, it’s always a good time for donuts.



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