Facebook will DEFINITELY feel this one.

Seems Sharyl Attkisson has finally had enough of Facebook’s games and has decided to leave the social media giant. We are not surprised that she’s decided to bolt as many people are leaving the book of face because they are tired of being censored by biased fact-checkers who probably can’t define what a woman is.

Sharyl’s letter is straight-fire and absolutely ALL Sharyl:

While all of the points are good, point six is our fave: ‘Because you have become little more than propaganda for selected political and corporate interests I will be ceasing to use this page.’

Note, this editor abandoned her ‘fan page’ on Facebook a year ago because they were limiting the audience and constantly fact-checking posts. It gets REALLY old.

That’s really all it’s good for. Birthday wishes, celebrating anniversaries, maybe the occasional pet post. But any real conversation is shut down pretty quickly in order to protect THE NARRATIVE.

*chef’s kiss*

Crazy talk, we know.




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