Beyond the fact that Ketanji Brown Jackson was obviously trying to keep from making the ‘woke’ masses angry by defining a woman, the fact she would go in that direction while being ‘interviewed’ by the Senate tells us she doesn’t really care about the law, she cares about the politics.

And as Harmeet K. Dhillon points out, this is not just embarrassingly biased but could have some actual legal ramifications.

Take a gander:

Right? If you can’t define what a woman is how can you possibly make judgments based on, around, or even for women? What a huge misstep for KBJ, and what a sad world we live in that she felt this was the only way out when asked a question that could be politically damaging. We get it, if she had said, ‘a woman is an adult female’, the 10% of the country who thinks that’s somehow bigoted would have thrown a fit. Sadly, they are the loudest in the room …

But she’d be a SCOTUS justice for LIFE.

Why not answer the question?

Scary that we have to look at anything from a Marxist perspective.

Awww yes, Sheldon Whitehouse, the old white guy who belongs to more than one all-white club.

Who is this person really?

She won’t say.

And that’s terrifying.

Oh you can bet your sweet arse if a witness had answered a question like she did as a judge she would not have approved.

Case closed indeed.



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