Ketanji Brown Jackson was picked by Biden because she’s a Black WOMAN, so you’d think she’d be able to define herself.

We are seriously living in the stupidest of times when a nominee for SCOTUS refuses to define what a woman is, and to pretend only a biologist could do that knowing full well Democrats resent actual biology because it goes against their latest narrative? Pathetic.

John Hayward penned a pretty spectacular thread using her dodge to drag the Left …

God FORBID we actually refer to the science of human sexuality because the SCIENCE doesn’t agree with any of the Left’s narrative.

It’s also about pandering to the lowest common denominator but we digress.

And Ketanji showed her true colors in that single answer.

The same people who made up lies to try and stop Kavanaugh from sitting on the bench want us all to believe Ketanji’s record of going easy on child porn offenders because of technology and stuff is not a big deal.

But you know, calling her out for her lies and radicalism makes us the bad guys.

Sort of like Sotomayor and Kagan?

This is very much Obama’s third term, folks.

Scrutiny is sexist or racist!

GOP would really have to nut-up to stop it, and even then without some sort of majority (unless Sinema and Manchin break with their party again), they probably can’t stop it.

Right? The old man who calls the Midwest the Middle East and confuses Iraq with Ukraine can define a woman, but a SCOTUS nominee can’t because she’s not a biologist.


Anyone else miss those mean tweets yet?



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