Valerie Bertinelli wants to remove Fox News from cable and satellite services. Apparently, she thinks nobody should have Fox News if she has to pay $1.72 for it every month. Notice Judd Legum didn’t even bother to talk about CNN or MSNBC because their ratings aren’t even worth looking into for pricing, and it would just embarrass TF out of them to bring it up.

Gosh, this seems really difficult to understand.

How not to watch Fox News?

Mary Katharine Ham was a true giver and explained to Valerie how exactly she could make it happen:

Seems they don’t.

Of course they haven’t, but their other hip, cool and totally uninformed friends in Hollywood have told them it’s bad so yeah, it must be bad.

Nobody ever accused any of these people of thinking for themselves ya’ know.

C’mon, she’s asking as a CONSUMER.


Words to live by, Valerie.

Word to live by.



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