Who KNEW tipping was such a big deal? This morning alone we’ve read an argument that claims tipping stems from a legacy of slavery (although we can’t seem to find anything about slaves receiving tips) to some guy who disagreed with Touré on tipping calling it WHITE SUPREMACY.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t say it.

It is good to see where we think this all started … Touré said people should tip 20% and if you tip lower that’s punching down.

This editor doesn’t disagree:

Yup, that’s wack.

A lot of people, aka his followers, disagreed.

The tip is not like a grade.


WHOA, a Trump meme.

This guy means business.


Again, this editor doesn’t disagree.

Weird, right?

Still others disagreed.

Cue Nikole-Hannah Jones.

And there it is.

This was the beginning of a claim that tipping is a legacy of slavery.

She just didn’t want to admit she’s cheap.

To be completely transparent, these timelines are a mess (mainly because Touré likes to QT), but it looks to us like Touré is a big tipper, encourages people to tip, and Nikole is NOT a big tipper and wants us to believe it perpetuates slavery or something.

We agree with Touré.

Would someone please check and make sure Hell hasn’t frozen over? Thanks.

Say what?

Tipping not only is a legacy of slavery, but it’s white supremacy.

C’mon man

Yeah, this isn’t true.

But hey, they’re rollin’.

This. ^

Why are people making it so difficult and complicated? If someone provides you with service, tip them.

Cue a Steve Buscemi meme from Reservoir Dogs.



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