Good news, everybody!

Hillary Clinton thinks Ketanji Brown Jackson is qualified to sit on SCOTUS based on a cute little graph the Washington Post made … that magically seems to be based on Jackson’s history versus a qualified justice in general. This is hilarious for so many reasons.

This is basically the kiss of death for KBJ with people on the Right.

Maybe even some people on the Left.

And c’mon, how does attending a public high school make someone more qualified to sit on SCOTUS?

She’s so qualified they based their qualifications on her. HA HA HA HA HA

Because something something don’t be a sexist racist something something.

Very true.


Psh, let’s not pretend Hillary cares one damn bit about the Constitution.

She’s a Democrat.

Yikes, it’s almost as if Hillary was trying to sabotage Ketanji. LOL

See what we mean?



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