Someone should send this recording of Mazie Hirono to Mazie Hirono so she can hear herself because JUST WOW. She claims Ketanji Brown Jackson wasn’t nominated for her color or sex (we all know that’s not true because Biden promised to nominate a Black woman), she also says she’s not there to fill a quota BUT THEN goes on to explain exactly what quota she’s there to fill.

This … is painful. And considering she’s reading it? That means someone dumber than her might have written it.



Ok, this was stupid for another reason … we know, you’re shocked it can get dumber.

But it ALWAYS can.

There could have been a highly accomplished Black woman placed on SCOTUS a long long time ago, but Democrats blocked her.

Dana Loesch hit her with this one:

But you know, NOW it’s time.

This is an insult to dumb people everywhere.

Then again, if she’s the dumbest then maybe it’s just accurate? Hrm, will have to think on this one.


So even though she said it wasn’t a quota (and then said it was) Biden himself said so way before she started saying stupid stuff about how it’s not a quota so … yeah.






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