What Twitter bans says so much about them, and ain’t none of it any good.

Hearing about The Babylon Bee being locked down for calling Rachel Levine a man we are all reminded that Twitter is a Leftist cesspit of horrible, stupid, and woke all mixed together in one giant dumpster fire of gross. Yeah, it’s bad but you all know that. Heck, most of you probably read us so you don’t have to deal with the rest of Twitter and can just read the really exceptionally stupid tweets here with us.

Iowahawk pointed out something else we hadn’t thought about when it comes to what Twitter does and does not ban:

Case in point, Levine. Most people wouldn’t be offended reading a satire site call him a man.

Sorry, her a man.

Or something.

Ugh, this is so annoying.

He continued:

Calling Twitter a ‘handcrafted reality-free bubble’ may well be one of his greatest tweets, and considering how clever most of what he writes is, that’s saying something.

It’s easier to pander to stupid and crazy than it is to try and make them smarter and sane.

He, of course, said it better.

Don’t it though?



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