MAN OH MAN, these people must really really really want adults to be able to talk about sexual identity with children between the ages of 4-8. Imagine raising a bunch of money to put up billboards like this, and how absolutely stupid (or brainwashed) someone has to be to push a nonsensical name for a bill that doesn’t even exist.

We suppose it’s much easier to fit ‘GAY’ and ‘SAY GAY’ on a billboard than, ‘We want adults to talk to small children about their sexuality’. That’s just a little clunky, ya’ know?

Creepsh*ts, the lot of ’em.

They’re so pissed off that parents don’t want adults talking to their very small children about sexual preference and identity that they’re going to put billboards up all over the state … this is not the ‘gotcha’ they think it is.

So is he saying she’s the biggest groomer of them all?

Just sayin’.

The only people who will think these billboards are cool already think the words ‘don’t,’ and, ‘say,’ and, ‘gay’, are in the bill. You know, the stupid people. And they already vote for other stupid people, aka Democrats. All this really does is give Republicans an open door to mock them for being either too stupid or too lazy to actually understand the legislation. Plus, they can talk to parents (a major voting block that doesn’t care about the R or the D) about how Democrats openly pushed for adults to talk to their small children about sexual persuasion and identity.

Not smart, guys.

But hey, as Dog guy said up there, ‘You do you, Boo.’



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