We suppose if Allen Glines thinks Hunter Biden has the mind of a 16-year-old he MIGHT have a point here, but otherwise the notion that people shouldn’t ‘harass’ Hunter because people didn’t want the press, the Left, and Hollywood weirdos harassing a CHILD is off-the-charts stupid.

It’s stunning, and not in a good way, the lengths some people will go in order to pretend ‘the big guy’s’ son isn’t a disgraceful person with a disgraceful past.

Look at this hot mess.

Hunter is 52. Barron is a minor … really dude?

And there’s a ‘relentless campaign against Biden’s son’ because his actions could very well have made it possible for very bad players to blackmail our president thus putting our country in danger. They really just don’t get how serious these allegations are.

Chelsea is also an adult.

Another weird comparison.

Why didn’t this guy compare Hunter to Trump’s older children? Because he thinks Hunter is as innocent as a child? Huh?

This is just … strange.

These. Allegations. Could. Be. Dangerous. To. The. Country.

Sure, the GOP are the bad guys, not the addict who allegedly sold access to his very powerful father.

Cooking up stuff.

Allen, dude, there is no need to ‘cook up’ anything because Hunter has done a fine job IN REAL LIFE doing just that, himself.

If true, yikes.

Crazy, right?


Good word.

We think it’s stupid, pathetic, and desperate, but ‘obtuse’ totally works.

And to think, Glenn thought that thread was a good thing.



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