Ok, so this story just got funnier because not only did Swalwell get weird about the photo being a young girl, he missed the part where this picture is actually A MAN.

Don’t take our word for it.

WOW – did Eric read the room wrong or WHAT?!

We’re not entirely sure what Eric Swalwell was THINKING when he tweeted this about a meme Seb Gorka posted. The original meme shows Adam Kinzinger’s head on the body of a girl, basically insinuating that Kinzinger is like a weeping little girl.


Not necessarily funny but not at all what Eric tried to make it out to be:

What? Eric’s accusation says way more about him than Gorka, and ain’t none of it any good. He’s just not that bright.

Either that or he’s a really twisted individual.

Maybe both.


Gorka didn’t go there.

Eric did.


Now there’s a word we don’t hear enough these days.



Meep again.

Good point.

But you know, if we say that we’re just a bunch of mean misogynists and stuff.

Probably not the best ‘joke’ for Eric to make when Hunter’s laptop is in the news right now.


Gorka’s meme was goofy, sure.

But not dirty.

Until Eric took it in that direction.

And Swalwell trying to make this about child p0rn is just gross.

He should delete the tweet and then delete his account.

But we all know he won’t.



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