Justice Clarence Thomas was hospitalized Friday night with flu-like symptoms. Luckily, it sounds like they were able to figure out it was an infection, and he’s being treated with intravenous antibiotics and is on the mend, likely to be released in the next day or two.

The Left is super worried … that he’ll be ok. Yeah, they’re awful.

When someone on the Left goes into the hospital with some sort of illness or sadly passes away, you see people on the Right praying for their families and wishing them the best. When it’s someone on the Right you see the Left cheer and hope for the worst.

As if we needed another reminder that the Right hates the Left’s ideas, and the Left just flat-out hates the Right.

Case in point:

How absolutely sad does your life have to be for the hospitalization of a stranger to make you happy?

Gross, right?


You’d think they’d try and at least be clever BUT it is the Left we’re talking about here.

To be fair, we’d only be surprised if our pals on the Left didn’t act like a bunch of a-holes when things like this happen. We knew the replies would be 90% awful, frothy-mouthed, angry tools celebrating his illness before we even looked.

They’re predictable little things.



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