Gotta love it when a white guy tells a bunch of other white people what bothers Black people. Because nothing says virtue-signal like nagging people about the skin color of the person in a meme they use …

This has to be one of those tweets that sounded way better in his head than it did when he sat down and put it out there for the Twitterverse to see.


Why are people the way they are? Seriously.

Oh yeah, Mike here is guilty of what he told other white people not to do:


Yup, that’s him.

And his digital blackface or whatever.

Responses were pretty damn hilarious though, so there’s that.

Dang, that’s a smart tweet. ‘It’s a narrative invented by leftists to sustain racial antagonism.’


Know how you get people to use a bunch of memes featuring Black people?

Tell them not to do that.


So much this.



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