Watching the mainstream media, security experts, and Team Biden spin spin spin and try and ignore the very REAL story around Hunter Biden’s laptop would actually be really funny if they hadn’t actively blocked this story to sway an election.

Sorry, to FORTIFY an election.

That’s what they all claimed they did, right?

Did WaPo’s Philip Bump really think people would let this crap slide?

C’mon man!

From WaPo:

Even today, the full story isn’t clear. Is the story straightforward — Mac Isaac obtained a laptop, thought it might be relevant to national politics and then found only one taker, Giuliani, for the material? Was the material reportedly circulating in Ukraine the same stuff? Nonexistent? Obtained from an iCloud hack independently? Did Guo learn about the laptop from Bannon, with mentions of the material in September following from there? It is of course always easy to ask infinite questions when you’re skeptical, but that the answers to this aren’t known now reinforces the reasons for skepticism 18 months ago.

Excuses excuses.

And ain’t nobody buyin’ this, Phil.

Holy crap.

Full transparency, every time we read something else about this laptop (or laptops) we see something even more horrible.

No wonder Biden’s media worked so hard to keep us from seeing it.



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