One of the worst things to come out of this whole COVID pandemic public health response is how mentally broken so many people really are. Imagine being this terrified of a virus (and dependent on a vaccine that does not even prevent transmission) that you tweet about being afraid to hang out with people who haven’t been vaccinated.

Who does that?

Apparently, Nathalie Jacoby does.

Note, we have no idea if Nathalie is real, but she has 164k followers and her tweet is ridiculous enough to cover, even if she is a rando:

And just in case she decides to delete it (since she did lock down for a bit after writing it):

Then she proceeded to pat herself on the back.

Experts like Fauci.


This though, from a grandpa, bragging about not attending his granddaughter’s wedding? Maybe the worst tweet of all.

Who ARE these people?

And you know, it’s not even that they decided not to attend the wedding (which is really sad unto itself), but that he thought this would score points with the other Branch COVIDIAN on Twitter. LOOK AT ME, I’M SO BRAINWASHED ABOUT A VACCINE I DIDN’T ATTEND A LIFE-CHANGING EVENT FOR MY GRANDDAUGHTER.

Yeah, we made the same face.

Guess how this went over:

Good thing Jesus loves this guy, because the rest of us think he’s an a-hole.

That’s what it really boils down to. In some peoples’ sad, warped, broken little minds, bragging about how they mistreat the unvaccinated (even if they are family) somehow scores them big virtue-signaling points in their sad, warped, broken little groups. In real life and on social media.

And in the end, that’s what they really care about. Not public health, the ability to pat themselves on the back for their superior morality by injecting themselves with a substance that doesn’t even stop transmission of the virus.



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