Is transphobic the new racist? Asking for a friend. Or is it the new ‘insurrectionist’? We can’t keep all of these insulting terms and ‘ists’ and ‘obics’ straight when it comes to whatever the current outrage of the day is. And women being made out to be the bad guys for not wanting to change in front of a biological male … that’s just stupid.

Why are so many people comfortable making women do things they are uncomfortable with to make a biological male who thinks he’s a woman more comfortable? How is this fair on any level to female athletes?

Watch this:

So basically, if women aren’t AOK with a biological male taking over their sport, they’re transphobic. Oh, and if they don’t want to be naked in front of a biological male in the locker room that’s super transphobic as well.

In case you were wondering, YES, everything is getting dumber. Too bad the NCAA can’t seem to figure out how effed up this all really is.

You would think the whole ‘junk thing’ would be something that might keep Lia out of the women’s locker room. That’s not transphobic, that’s common sense.

And if we don’t accept our erasure, we’re transphobic. Or TERFS.


We realize this is supposed to be a joke, but the way things are going?

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