Yeah yeah yeah, we know. If we bring up anything from Ketanji Brown Jackson’s record or question the texts she calls ‘personal touchstones’ we’re being super unprofessional or cherry-picking or some other happy horsecrap Democrats cling to as they try and pretend they didn’t spend months making up lies about Kavanaugh and trying to destroy him, his life, and his family.

But apparently pointing out a serious red flag is super disrespectful or something.

You’d think they’d want to ask Jackson about this little tidbit, especially since CRT is such a ‘hot word’ right now.

So one of her personal touchstones claims America is irredeemably racist, speculates that whites might re-enslave blacks, and endorses Louis Farrakhan.

Alrighty then.

Pure craziness.


Not to mention a love for and understanding of the Constutition.

Let’s see if any of them ask her about it.



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