Did you guys know there is a significance to the passage of time? Like a seriously super important significance of the passage of time? It’s so important and stuff that Kamala Harris said so four times in a matter of two sentences.

Again, you can always tell she gets in her head when she’s speaking and thinking about what a bad job she’s doing and how much most Americans dislike her.

This … this is just embarrassing and weird:

Ok, who broke the Kamala bot? She’s definitely malfunctioning more than usual.

Not-so-deep thoughts, with Kamala Harris.

You know, that works.

GREAT significance. Super great even.

The phrase of the day, boys and girls, is the passage of time.


There ya go!

Right? Sure, it’s hilarious to watch her completely shiznit the bed, but it’s also scary because she is ‘this close’ to leading the free world.

Although, considering the mess President Silver Alert has made of things?



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