Guess the next time we go out to eat this editor won’t bother tipping since it’s a ‘legacy of slavery,’ or something. And gosh, we wouldn’t want to perpetuate slavery, right? Oh, but on the check, this editor will write down exactly what Nikole Hannah-Jones said here in her tweet (that appears to be deleted) about tipping and slavery and let the server know that she’s the reason there is no tip.

You know, just to give her FULL CREDIT … for this insanity.

So tipping your server, valet, bartender, etc. is a bad thing. Oh, and did you know tipping is a practice in America but almost nowhere else?

One has to wonder if she just sits around deliberately making up stupid crap for attention. Hey man, it’s worked out so far and seems to be providing her a fairly lucrative career so who are we to fault her?


Expecting people to make money for themselves beyond a wage is a legacy of slavery.


If you talk to a lot of servers they wouldn’t support this because they KNOW there is big money in tips. Why limit what they can take home because some woke harpy wants to equate paying them for their service to slavery.

Refresh our memory, when did people pay slaves?

Oh that’s right, they didn’t.

Touré was babbling about tipping, maybe that’s where she got her inspiration?

She gets so defensive when people make fun of her for tweeting stupid stuff.


AG was good enough to drop a little reality and common sense on her:

Crazy, right?

Originated. From. Europe.

Basically, everything she wrote is wrong.

As usual.

Awwww, ok. She claims Black people don’t get good service so they shouldn’t have to tip.

In other words, she’s cheap.

Now it all makes sense.



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