Whoa, Oliver Darcy was finally right about something! That really IS breaking news!

This from Matt’s Idea Shop is pretty damn good. Of course, Oliver thought he was ‘above’ Tucker Carlson for defining man as a means to mock Ketanji Brown Jackson for dodging simple questions in order to play politics and pander to the sad narrative that admitting women are WOMEN is somehow a bigoted thing.

Pretty sure ol’ Ollie didn’t mean for his tweet to support Tucker but this works:

Don’t know about you guys, but the diagram is … ya’ know, it’s just weird.

But Oliver’s choice of words just didn’t work here.

Or they did work, depending on you look at it.

Matt may NOT be a biologist, but he did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Does that count?


Weird, right?

But since we’re not biologists here we’ll just have to go with it.

The bladder is fake news?




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