John Pavlovitz is a progressive pastor who takes his progressivism very seriously. By that we mean, of course, that he harbors an intense and arguably obsessive loathing for Republicans and conservatives and really anyone who doesn’t toe the woke Left’s line.

But you’d think that, as a dedicated progressive pastor, he’d be more careful about letting his sexist, misogynist mask slip so easily. OK, well, you probably wouldn’t think that. Because you know that a great number of progressives have problems with the ladies.

Anyway, here’s what Pavlovitz had to say yesterday (sorry we overlooked it — we’re wading through so much garbage lately, sometimes we miss some pieces of trash):

Here’s a screenshot, because it’s good to be thorough:

OK, so, first of all:

Is anyone here a biologist?

We don’t blame you for being confused.

But leaving that woke progressive intellectual consistency aside, we’d like to know where John Pavlovitz gets off shaming women who vote Republican.

Guys like John Pavlovitz are the kind of guys old-school feminists warned women about.

Or racist trash:

Uh-oh, John.

Maybe John should try, you know, actually talking and listening to women who vote Republican. He might learn something.

And make no mistake: he needs to be taken to school.



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