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Let the dragging BEGIN --> Democrats say they'll keep repeating the lie they brought the economy back and HOOBOY *popcorn*

Democrats seem to think if they tell a lie enough times it will eventually make it true. To be fair, this seems to work quite well for their sad, sheep-like base, but for most Americans, their claim about bringing back the economy is not going over well.


Like, at all.

It doesn’t matter if Biden says it or if their Twitter account tweets it …

Democrats are seriously panicking about November. They should be.

Highest inflation in 40 years, a leaking southern border, disastrous foreign policy including standing hundreds of Americans in Afghanistan … they have brought back the worst of the worst without any of the good to balance it out.

Oh, and about their claim, there’s just one thing:


Trump brought it back.

Republicans brought it back.


Jimmy Carter says thanks!


Winner winner chicken dinner.

Let us pray.



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