Little buyer’s remorse with Biden, eh Trevor?

To be completely fair, we did not have Trevor Noah bashes Biden and suggests he might want to bring Trump in to deal with international politics on our Bingo card for the day. And while the guy is still a raging progressive, we’re willing to take the bits and pieces of sanity that come from this group and run with them.

In a time when everything is insane, a little sanity from the insane goes a long way.


A broken clock is right two times a day … yadda yadda yadda.

We kept waiting for the gotcha, the joke, the hidden slam to Republicans and Trump but … nope.

It was shockingly well done.

We feel shocked.

Right? Still checking to see if Hell froze over.

Oh, and as you likely guess, the Left can’t deal:


Right, we’re the ones who don’t get it.

Keep telling yourselves that.



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