Earlier today, we told you about the WSJ that has Republicans leading Democrats on everything but COVID.


Well, it gets much much much worse for our donkey-mascot friends.

So is this something Democrats can blame on Putin? Asking for a friend.


We’d suggest sending this to Biden but we’re not sure he even realizes he’s the president and not a senator. Better yet, let’s send it to Obama, since this is technically his third term anyway.

We can’t recall ever seeing a poll like this either.

Then again, we can’t recall a worse president than our Puppet in Chief so there’s that.

Perfect imagery to go along with the ‘alarm.’

Seems nobody is buying the ‘BUT RUSSIA’ crap from the Democrats.

Let us pray.

Gosh, it’s almost as if electing an old, mentally cratered, racist white guy who picked a Black woman as his VP to check off a couple of identity boxes isn’t playing out so well with Black Americans.


Or not.

Now THAT would be real and true karma.



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