There’s a reason Democrats are already trying to make excuses for November. Excuses for why they’re going to lose. Granted, they’ve had to make time to blame their astronomical inflation and gas prices on Russia invading Ukraine, but they’re definitely able to multi-task when it comes to blaming others for their mistakes and making excuses for their crap policies.

Luckily, Americans are seeing through all of it, especially according to this WSJ poll.

Losing on every issue but one …



Gonna leave a mark.

Nope, not really.

But it’s fun to see it laid out in such a simple way.

It’s a mystery, right?

Oh, if they need it they’ll try and bring it back in the fall. Democrats have proven they are more than happy to exploit a virus and destroy our economy and our children’s education to win an election. Hopefully, we’re a lot smarter now and know what they’re willing to do.

Sorry, we had to put this in here just to show you how stupid Twitter is.

Supporting Republicans doing a better job than Democrats aligns with whiteness, alrighty then.

See Florida.

Democrats are in trouble.

THIS is gonna be fun.



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