We’ve lost count of the number of Democrats we’ve seen telling anyone and everyone who is concerned about the crazy cost of gas to just go get an electric car because then they won’t have to worry about it anymore. Because you know, someone who is worried about spending $100 on a tank of gas can totally go and buy a $80k vehicle.

Tell us you’re completely out of touch with Americans without actually saying so.

RedSteeze made a pretty spot-on point regarding what we’re about to see this fall when it comes to the election:


Gas may cost $100 a tank, but voting is free.

As opposed to buying a Tesla.

Unless you’re a completely brain-dead green penis who for whatever reason thought this was a good dunk on Steeze:

Buying a Tesla is easier than voting. Who knew?

And who the Hell says ‘quip’ on Twitter?


November and 2024 can’t come soon enough.

Holy crap.

It is now that he’s been Twitchied.



And seriously.



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