Welp, sounds like Duck Duck Go is going to Google itself right out of favor with their users. Most people who use Duck Duck Go do so because they don’t want Big Tech giants manipulating their search results.

And that’s exactly what Duck Duck Go’s CEO bragged about doing on Twitter.


So because he’s sickened by Russia invading Ukraine, he’s happily pushing the manipulation of search results, down-voting ‘misinformation’ and that immediately sends up a red flag. Who gets to decide what is and isn’t misinformation? Shouldn’t they just leave that up to the user?

Bad bad bad.

In other words, they are making decisions for their users on what they believe is ‘high quality’ information.

Again, WHO decides what is and isn’t high quality?

Simple privacy … while controlling what people see in their search results.


Not at all.

And just like that, POOF goes Duck Duck Go.



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