Congress is even less popular than Biden … and now we see why. Ok, so we’ve KNOWN why for several years now, but looking at this BIPARTISAN omnibus spending bill it’s hard to believe any of these yahoos are on our side.

Republicans let this go?


We suppose they think Americans won’t spend any time looking at what they’re spending our great-great grandchildren’s money on, but luckily Tweeps like Oilfield Rando make time. He ‘highlighted’ some of the more heinous and ridiculous portions of the bill:

Psh, when you’re $30 trillion in debt, what’s another $1.5, right?

So they’re spending MORE tax money on the group that collects taxes in the first place.

Alrighty then.

We are a clown country.

Sad, but true.

And we have the biggest and sleepiest clown of all sitting in the White House.





If we have this much money to throw around on ridiculous programs that should have NO PLACE in federal government then they should absolutely suspend gas taxes on Americans struggling to fill their tanks to go to work and afford food to put on their table.

This is obnoxious.

Oh, and they put in some new laws …

Just a few.

Clown country?

And this omnibus spending bill is a total sh*t-show.



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